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Dog Rescues Owner from Storm Wreckage


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Dog unlikely hero after storm

georgeWhen a devastating storm ripped through Wisconsin earlier this week a woman’s dog came to her rescue and helped her escape the wreckage.

Paula and Ed Bendixen spend their summers at the Huckleberry Acres Campground in New London, Wisconsin. On Wednesday their happy summer vacation turned dangerous when the storm hit and lifted their camper up off the ground and flipped it.

“I heard this really weird loud noise and then everything just started spinning and that’s all I remember until I woke up,” said Paula.

When Paula woke up she was completely disoriented and she started calling for her husband. Ed was rescued from the camper by a neighbor, but Paula was trapped under debris and no one could get to her. Then George, the Bendixens’ 8-year-old sheltie/corgi mix, came to the rescue.

“They couldn’t get to me and my dog found a hole,” said Paula. “He came in, and nose-butted me and whining and poking me and I sort of crawled and followed him out of the hole.”

The Bendixens are calling George their hero and credit him with getting Paula safely out uninjured.