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Dog Runs Back into Burning Home to Rescue a 69 Year-Old-Man

by Fred

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When Sara Domaradzki had made it out of the burning home, she was happy to be safe and to have been able to get her dog Bambi out safely as well.  However, Bambi almost immediately wriggled her way free from Sara, and bolted back into the burning building.

Sara’s family said that they believe Bambi went back in to rescue someone.  Bambi somehow knew that Sara’s 69-year-old father was still stuck inside, and Bambi knew he needed help.

“She ran back into the house to find (Sara’s) dad, and then they both got stuck there,” said Sara’s boyfriend, Alessandro Mininni.

When firefighters had arrived, Sara’s father was pulled out immediately.  He had no vital signs, and things looked very grim.  However, EMS was able to revive him, and he was taken to a hospital in critical condition.

After that, the firefighters got Bambi out of the house.  She was barely able to breath, and the smoke was really taking its toll on her.  Firefighter Mike Strachan grabbed Bambi from fellow firefighter Gilbert Acevedo, ran her to the back of a firetruck, and got an oxygen mask over her face.

“She looked limp,” said Strachan.  “I knew she had a heartbeat, I could feel it on my arm.”

Bambi started to breath again after the oxygen mask kicked in. One could almost hear a collective sigh of relief when the mask over Bambi fogged up, letting everyone know she was still alive.

After Bambi was stabilized, Sara’s boyfriend Alessandro took Bambi to a local animal hospital.  Emergency room doctors had quite a bit of work on their hands, and Bambi wasn’t out of the woods just yet.  However, after a while one of the doctors came out to tell him Bambi is going to be just fine.

Thankfully, no one was too badly hurt, and even though recovery for Sara’s father and Bambi may be a bit slow going at first, they are both expected to make a full recovery.

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