Dog Saves Abandoned Newborn Baby

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A dog in Bangkok, Thailand is a hero after saving the life of an abandoned newborn baby Monday morning.

The dog named Pui arrived home to his owner Gumnerd Thongmak’s home with a white plastic bag from a nearby dump site and started barking loudly. Thongmak’s niece came to see why Pui was barking and opened the bag to find a baby with its umbilical cord still attached. The 12-year-old girl ran to get her mother and they rushed the baby to a nearby hospital.

The baby girl is now in stable condition after being given oxygen and treatment. She is believed to have been born prematurely. Officials are currently trying to find the baby’s mother. Pui has received a special leather collar with a medal for his life-saving rescue of the baby.

5 thoughts on “Dog Saves Abandoned Newborn Baby”

  1. I like very much reading the stories of hero dogs. They have a connection with humans that can’t be broken.

  2. I love hearing stories with a happy ending.To much of the news is the violent kind and this story focused on the fact the dog saved the babies life not on the mother who left it.Great job Pui!!!!!

  3. This story is heartwarming. Too bad that the people of Thailand don’t show much if any compassion for dogs!!!!! Thailand is capturing thousands of dogs everyday and smuggling them to Vietnam to be eaten……………the dogs are crammed into large cages and sold by the pound. Not a “feel good” story right?…………..Disgusting!!!

  4. Find the mother? I think they mean the murderer! The biological “mother” attempted murder, did not succeed and then left the baby for dead. the dog had more humanity than the “mother”. I hope and pray the child is given to a woman who will actually mother the gift from heaven and value her life – not murder her. Why does she have more value now that she is in the open air than she did in the “protection” of her mother’s womb? She was the same baby in both places.


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