Dog Saves Elderly Woman from Fire

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Photo Credit: Crystal Ochoa

An elderly woman was sound asleep when a fire broke out in her home early Thursday morning. She was able to safely escape thanks to her dog Pokie.

Dorothy “Dottie” Parker was asleep Thursday morning when her dog Polka Dot “Pokie” started to bark at her. It was around 8:30 a.m. and Dottie had no idea that her house was on fire.

“I had slept in and Pokie came to me barking,” said Parker.

Once Pokie woke Dottie up the dog began running up and down the hall barking and when Dottie went to investigate she found smoke and realized her mobile home was on fire. Dottie called the fire department for help and then got herself and Pokie safely out of the home.

Firefighters responded and were able to put out the fire, though the home is no longer inhabitable. Neighbors have stepped up and taken in Dottie and Pokie until they can get back on their feet. Dottie’s neighbors are impressed and thankful for Pokie’s lifesaving efforts.

“She is a great dog,” said neighbor Sarah Healy. “We are all just so thankful she was there and willing to help save Dottie. We think she is the best.”

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  1. I babysat an adorable Yorkie for a several days one winter. She was wonderfully trained and very sweet, but very uneasy every evening when we lit the fireplace. We always kept the glass doors closed, unless we were adding wood to the fire, but she still did not like it. For the first few minutes every night she would watch it with pure horror on her face and pace until I finally reassured her enough that she would lie in the rocker with me and watch it burn down over the course of the evening. Her owner said she had no experience with fire, but I have no doubt if there was a fire at her home, she would wake the owner.


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