Dog Saves Girl from Venomous Snake

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psychoA 10-pound Chihuahua poodle mix is being called a hero after he saved a little girl from a rattlesnake.

Maya Delarosa was playing with her sister when the venomous snake put them in danger.

“Me and my little sister were making mud pies and I hear a hiss and a rattle and I look down and there’s a snake,” said Maya. “And he was already cured up, and he was coiled, ready to strike.”

Before the snake could strike Maya or her sister their grandmother’s dog Psycho stepped in to protect them.

“Psycho, he got in front of me and the snake bit him,” said Maya.

Psycho was bitten on his eyelid and his veterinarian is hopeful that his eye will be saved.

“He’s just got a lot of swelling around that eye,” said Dr. Vicki Dashley. “we won’t know for sure until the swelling has gone down, but we think the eye is going to be savable.”

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  1. Heroes come in all shapes & sizes!
    LOL that his name is Psycho…what the heck? He should have a more dignified name, especially now that he is a hero. 🙂

  2. Snakes don’t go after little kids. They probably came upon it, they just have easily could have walked away, and the dog made a bad decision.

    • Dusty, Don’t know where you’ve gotten your info from. In the news recently a snake was going after a baby in the crib.


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