Dog Saves Neighbors from Garage Fire

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callieIt’s not unusual for Steve and Kenna Legault’s dog Callie to bark in the middle of the night, but in the early hours of Tuesday morning Callie was barking for a reason. The Legault’s neighbor’s garage was on fire and without Callie, it would have continued to burn unnoticed.

When Callie first started barking the Legault’s didn’t think much of it and tried to get her to settle down.

“She barked probably for a good half hour,” said Kenna. “Then I heard something and told Steve ‘Can you get up and check.’”

When Steve went to check on the noise he didn’t see anything at first then Kenna spotted the next door neighbor’s garage on fire. Steve ran next door to wake up the neighbors. By the time fire crews arrived flames were shooting out of the garage. Everyone was safe though thanks to Callie.

“That darn dog, she’s gonna have hero status for the rest of her life,” said Steve.