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Dog Saves New Owner One Week After Being Adopted


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Sara Pelchat adopted Brinleigh from a local shelter less than two weeks ago. Brinleigh has already returned the favor and saved Pelchat’s life. When a fire broke out while Pelchat was sleeping Brinleigh came to the rescue and woke her up and saved her.

On November 1st Pelchat rescued Brinleigh from her local SPCA. Last week Pelchat was deep in sleep when a fire broke out in her kitchen. The smoke alarm did go off, but Pelchat continued to sleep.

Brinleigh refused to give up andwas determined to alert Pelchat to the danger. While the rest of Pelchat’s pets ran out of the house through the doggy door, Brinleigh ran to alert Pelchat. Brinleigh started jumping on and licking Pelchat, who at first tried to ignore the attention her new dog was giving her. Brinleigh was persistent though.

“The longer I laid in bed, the more frantic she became,” said Pelchat. “She was pulling on my shirt and digging on me and just really trying to get my attention.”

When Pelchat finally responded to Brinleigh’s licks she saw her home filling with smoke.

“If it weren’t’ for her I wouldn’t have woken up and then Lord knows what would have happened,” said Pelchat.

Thanks to Brinleigh, Pelchat was safe and the damage to her home was limited.