Dog Saves Owner, Dies in Fire

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A Georgia man says he owes his life to his dog, who did not manage to escape from the fire it saved him from. Scott Dunn told CBS Affiliate WGCL that he and his dog Duncan fell asleep together on the sofa in the living room of his Marietta home.

“And the next thing I know he was pawing at me, barking and scratching, and I woke up and I couldn’t see anything,” Dunn told WGCL as he fought back tears. “The smoke was a foot from the floor.”

Dunn grabbed Duncan by the collar and exited the building while dodging flames, only to realize that the dog had broken free of his collar and was still inside. It was too late for Dunn to go back. In a heartbreaking interview he wept as he explained what happened.

He tried to retrieve the dog but, Dunn said, “He wouldn’t come. I think he was just as scared as I was.” When firefighters got the blaze under control,they found Duncan’s body curled up on Scott’s bed.

“That’s my boy. He saved my life,” Dunn said, sobbing. “I’m sorry. He saved my life, but I couldn’t return the favor. It was too hot in there. I couldn’t get back in there.”

Investigators have not yet determined the cause of the fire.

14 thoughts on “Dog Saves Owner, Dies in Fire”

  1. I am balling my eyes out. I feel so horrible for him and Duncan. This is the saddest story. R.I.P Duncan 🙁

  2. Heartbreaking. He said the fire was coming from the floor and in the video you can clearly see him smoking. Could he had fallen asleep smoking a cigarette? I feel so sad for that poor dog and although I feel for the man it was his fault. Smoking is just horrible in many ways.

  3. This is SOOO sad but I have ZERO sympathy for the man. He is smoking in the video.. I think we know how that fire started! By his own admission, he grabbed his keys first!? He grabbed the dog’s collar and realized when he got out that the dog was not with him?! How does one FAIL to notice a 2+ year Boxer has slipped his collar? Sorry, not buying it. IMO, he grabbed his keys and ran, leaving his dog behind to fend for himself. My heart bleeds for Duncan, just hoping he didn’t suffer, but that man is at fault on so many levels. He did not try, at least not hard enough.

    • You should feel ashamed of yourself for writing this crap on here. It’s such a tragic, sad story and you blame him!? Did you not read the part where he thought he was leading his dog out by his collar?

  4. @anon, no one knows what started the fire yet; we shouldn’t make assumptions that just because he is a smoker that that must be why the fire started. you can’t say “it was his fault” because you don’t know.

    • spoken like a true smoker. that said, i can say what i want, it’s a comment, an opinion, and, right or wrong, i’m entitled to speak it – as you are yours. true, i don’t “know” what happened, but, in my heart, i do know. he was more concerned about his truck and crying aligator tears for his poor, heroic dog.

      • There’s a difference between an opinion and a judgment. Yes you can say what you want.

        My dad is a retired fireman. And he always told me how people’s behavior/reaction is/can be very different when they are in a smoke-filled building/house. When asked what would you do in this situation, in the comfort of your home, it’s easy to say all the right things you would do. I’m a huge animal lover and I would answer that question by…I would save all my feathered and fur babies but the reality is, we DON’T KNOW how we will actually react until we are faced with that situation. There’s a lot of confusion and disorientation than occurs when in a burning building.

        Also, because he smokes…it does not necessarily mean he caused the fire. Maybe he did. Maybe he didn’t. By the way, I am not a smoker (since you seem to assume a lot).

        The man lost his dog. Whether or not he caused the fire, whether or not he is a smoker is IRRELEVANT when it comes to him being very upset over the loss of his dog. Show some respect.

        If we wanted to pass judgement with unfounded information one could argue that you are immature, judgmental, heartless when it comes to others feelings. Oh…and attack when you are faced with an opinion you don’t like (how do you know if Christina is a smoker??. And probably are not the type of person that would make those comments to his face. I bet you would argue that you are not that person I described. And that would be a fair argument since I don’t know you. It would not be a fair judgement on my part.

        There is no need to bash the guy when it’s obvious he’s hurting. Nobody likes to be treated that, especially when we’ve been knocked down. We are all free to speak but it’s okay to speak with compassion and empathy regardless of what one thinks or suspects. Nobody will be upset if you do. You might actually discover that people with have more respect for you for doing so.

  5. Wow I can’t believe the heartlessness of some of these posts. Unless you’ve been in a situation where you have to flee an area immediately can you even begin to know what this man was feeling or thinking. shame on you all, there is no proof as of yet that a cigarette started that fire So get off your pedestals and show some compassion. And as for me if my house was burning I’d be grabbing my keys too so I could get my animals and myself to safety.

    And BTW I’m not a smoker!!!

  6. Why didn’t Dunn pick Duncan up and carry him? He said the smoke was a foot from the floor, surely it would’ve made sense to do so. Duncan would’ve been breathing all the smoke in before he slipped his collar. He didn’t deserve that to happen to him, he was relying on Dunn to take him to safety. For gods sake, Duncan woke him up, surely it was up to Dunn to also take Duncan with him!


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