3 thoughts on “Dogboarding”

  1. So many questions….

    I watched it all the way to the end because I wanted to see if the dog knew where home was and lo and behold he took the slacker (the skate boarder) straight home. What a smart dog.

    That dog clearly gets a lot of exercise, he must have buns of steel!

    My only worry is, is it really a good idea to ignore all the stop signs?

    • Stop signs? Where I live, the slower speed of bicycles and the importance of momentum is recognized by law, so the code allows biking through stop signs as long as you are paying attention and ready to yield if necessary. Boarding with a dog is done the same way. Yield the right of way just as if you were walking or riding a bike. If a car is coming, step off the board and command the dog to stop. Use judgment, as in know how you and your dog will behave when the unlikely happens.

      While it is generally a fun ride, it isn’t exercise free. Any uphills or if the dog tires a bit, you’ll find you need to expend energy to keep the fun rolling.

      The nice thing about boarding with a dog is the exercise can be geared to match their youth and fitness. It allows them to put out a great deal of effort, yet they are on leash the entire time.

  2. Looks like fun. I love the little white feet and ears flapping. That dog looks like she a lot of excercise and that she is having fun. I love to see dogs having fun. Great run.


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