Dog Saves Pregnant Woman From Attacker

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A pregnant California woman says she and her unborn baby have a loyal German Shepherd puppy to thank for saving them from a violent attacker.

Sarah Day told 10News she was at home with her 10-month-old daughter when she heard a noise in her garage. When she went to see what caused it, she was attacked by an intruder.

“I got hit in the back of the head once with a blunt object,” she said. “I turned around and he hit me three more times across the forehead with a blunt metal object – once in the eye – and I fell straight back on my tailbone.”

Day said she tried to protect her abdomen to prevent her unborn child from being injured. “I curled up in a fetal position to protect my baby because there was nothing else I could do,” she said.

After she was kicked in the ribs Day screamed – that’s when her puppy Sitka took notice and came to her rescue.

“I was screaming and my dog Sitka came out and started barking at him and he grabbed me in the face and called me a slut and a whore, and then he slammed my head down and said I was lucky and that he’d be back,” she said.

Day said 12-week-old Sitka became agitated and went after the intruder. That was enough to send him running. Day’s husband, who was not home to protect his wife when the incident occurred, says his dogs are heroes.

“There’s no telling what would have happened if the dogs weren’t here,” said Day’s husband, Colten. “It could have been a lot worse. My dogs will never be locked up.”

San Diego, California News Station – KFMB Channel 8 –

15 thoughts on “Dog Saves Pregnant Woman From Attacker”

  1. GOOD SITKA DOG (GSD)! I hope that guy is found and that they throw away the key. I hope that the dogs stay in at night with the family and that the guy does not come back. We have a GSD and he is five years old now and he weighs 120 lbs. and if anyone even thought about coming into our house he would have them down and out in no time. These dogs are great home security. Love these dogs! I hope that the baby is fine and that this woman can get through her pregency without too much stress.

  2. Good girl Sitka, good, good girl! 🙂 I know you taught that bad man a lesson he’ll not soon forget! But I do agree with someones post…why would you tear down the womans attempt tho protect her child because she smokes? Yes its so not good for the baby but her habits were not an issue…geeessss you just can’t make some people happy! Smh!
    Good girl sitka! 🙂

  3. Interesting how the story is different on the actual news site. She was going outside to smoke and she is with child. Also, no German Shepherd is mentioned in the article, but Austrailian Shepherd.

  4. The problem is that people find something negaitive to say about everything!!!!! It’s bad enough this woman was almost killed in her own home because of an intruder…And of course people have to make there judgemental comments on her lifestyle!!!!! Get a life!!!! If you don’t have something nice to say keep your dam opinion to your dam self!!!!! Thank God for her dog, being there to protect her!!!!!! People like that are just so negative and never look on the positive side of the stories!!!!! Everyone is not perfect maybe the people making the rude comments should look in the dam mirror, and not judge other people!!!!!! Just cause the woman smokes and is pregnant does not mean, she deserves to be attacked and almost killed in her own home…..People are so dam freaking ignorant!!!!!! For what it is worth i hope that this man is caught so this poor woman does not have to be scared in her own home, and that she and her unborn child stays safe!!!!!!

    • I don’t think that people are saying she deserved to be attacked because she’s smoking while pregnant, that would be ridiculous. I’m not saying by any means that she deserved to be attacked, but my reaction was nevertheless “when in hell is she smoking while pregnant?”


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