26 thoughts on “The Way Home Rescue: Shelter Walking”

  1. I love dogs, and i’ve been adopting and finding dogs when I was living in Greece, one of those countrys that has straydogs.
    And one of the dogs is Sessy, a 7 year old girl that was living in the street for more or less 5 years is still (after two years) showing her happines everytime we are doing something. And she showing her love to me, to my family and to every person that takes a foot in our house.
    And she trust’s people still, after being hit, abused and being left without food. Name a person that would be able to do that?
    Dogs are strong and they are the most loving creature on this planet and if you want a life long friend that will be forever grateful (even if it is really you that should be grateful, I mean.. who am I kidding? you melt like ice in hot water then you see those cute eyes that just screams I LOOOOOOOVE YOU!) then addopt. It will be (and this I can promise you) it will be worth it, thooooousand times around 🙂

  2. just look at there eyes, yes, yes they have a soul, they think, they are sad, happy, just like you and me, to kill a healthy dog or cat for no other reason then we got no room or we can’t afford it a terrible crime, please spay and neuter, before we can save ourselves we must save them!


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