Dog Saves Woman and Baby Being Attacked with Pepper Spray

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When a man posing as a UPS driver attacked a woman and her infant son the family’s pit bull came to the rescue chasing the man away.

Friday afternoon a man holding a package came to Ryan Bounds’ front door in Bethany, Oklahoma. Bounds’ fiancée, holding their one-year-old son Cole, answered the door. When she opened the door the man sprayed her and the baby with pepper spray. That’s when Louie, the Bounds’ pit bull, went into action. When Louie heard Bounds’ fiancée cry out he came running and chased the man away.

Ryan Bounds was at work when a neighbor called to tell him about the incident. He rushed to be by his family’s side. They had been taken to the hospital to have the pepper spray washed off their faces. Bounds says he’s lucky that Louie was there to protect his fiancée and son.

Police are still looking for the man responsible. They have the package he dropped when Louie chased him, and are hoping it will help them track the man down.

8 thoughts on “Dog Saves Woman and Baby Being Attacked with Pepper Spray”

    • The Media never shows stories about the GOOD deeds PitBulls do. Only all the negative and this is why our Society looks down on pitbulls. When you only hear ALL the bad things then folks think all these dogs are vicious. Sure wish the public could be Educated and not believe dog haters. Good Job Louie!!


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