Mail carriers beware! Top cities with the most dog bites

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130520 10 cities dog bites mailIf you are postal worker or if someone in your family is a mail delivery person, make sure you read this. The U.S. Postal Service released its dog bite city ranking and your city might be one of the top 20.

If your pet has an affinity to attacking the mail carrier, you might be asked to pick up your own mail at the local post office.

According to Ken Snavely, acting Los Angeles postmaster, if your mail delivery person believes your loose pet is a threat, your house may be deemed unsafe for mail delivery. You will be asked to pick up your own mail at the closest post office.

Last year, the Postal Service reported 5,900 cases where letter carriers were attacked by dogs.

Is your city one the list? Here are the top 20:

  1. Los Angeles, 69 attacks
  2. San Antonio, 42 attacks
  3. Seattle, 42 attacks
  4. Chicago, 41 attacks
  5. San Francisco, 38 attacks
  6. Philadelphia, 34 attacks
  7. Detroit, 33 attacks
  8. St. Louis, 32 attacks
  9. Baltimore, 29 attacks
  10. Sacramento, 29 attacks
  11. Houston, 27 attacks
  12. Minneapolis, 27 attacks
  13. Cleveland, 26 attacks
  14. Dayton, Ohio, 26 attacks
  15. Buffalo, N.Y., 24 attacks
  16. Brooklyn, N.Y., 24 attacks
  17. Denver, 23 attacks
  18. Dallas, 21 attacks
  19. Tacoma, Wash., 21 attacks
  20. Wichita, Kan., 20 attacks