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Dog Sealed in Dog House and Dumped on Roadside Is Rescued

by Fred

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2.21.15 - 3pm


In Southern Los Angeles, a local animal rescue is reporting that volunteers were nearly brought to tears on their latest rescue.  A dog had been picked up by Ghetto Rescue Foundation (GRF) that had been nailed shut in a dog house, and dumped on a roadside to be left for dead.  The sight of the dog sealed up in the dog house was enough to both sadden and enrage volunteers.

The dog is a three-year-old Chow-shepherd mix that someone mercilessly nailed up into a makeshift dog house.  The sight of the dog still inside, and cowering in fear while the rescue was going on, was enough to inspire tears from almost every single person there.

According to Alison Featherstone of GRF, “He was just cowered in the back, his head hanging down.”

Thanks to a good Samaritan passing by and hearing the whimpering of the trapped dog, he survived the ordeal, and now is in the good hands of the great volunteers and staff at GRF.

“It’s heartbreaking. The dog has been attacked. He had bite wounds on him. His leg was completely swollen, I mean, he is a broken dog,”  Featherstone said.

Animal control was called in to assist, and now “the game is afoot” when it comes to the investigation and search for those responsible.  The poor dog is receiving medical attention, and expected to make a full recovery.

Once GRF and animal control are satisfied with the dog’s physical condition, the mountainous task of both socializing and reacclimating him into life as part of a loving, forever family begins.  Hopefully, he will realize that the wonderful volunteers and staff are only attempting to make a better life for him – one full of love, not fear and pain.

The 100 percent volunteer-based staff has taken to calling him “Walter Worthy Higgins.”  Expectations for Walter are high, and they are hoping to have him rehabilitated soon.  As soon as he’s on the road to recovery and much healthier, they plan to find a good home for him.  Let’s hope it all works out.

If you’d like more information on Walter or the awesome people at GRF helping him, or to find out how you can help, you can visit, or  Or, click here to see their Facebook page.

If you can, please help Walter out with his recovery.  Donations are needed to ensure he has the best life possible, and our readers are awesome.  Many of you have helped out in the past, and we highly commend you here for all of your efforts.  With your help, there are many dogs living good and happy lives with forever families, that otherwise would not have made it, so thank you!