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Dog-shaped ice cream treats from Taiwan are freaking people out!

by Amy Drew

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Social media posts of these artful treats are creating high demand! Photo: Twitter/hsuehjubaby

Okay, we totally admit these artisan ice cream treats are pretty incredible. The artists and food purveyors at this Taiwanese cafe should be super proud of their creations.

But we’d be lying if we didn’t say they’re just a little freaky!

Sinking a wooden spoon into a puppy is never not weird. Even if the puppy is made of ice cream!

Per The Straits Times, each “dog” from The Art Kitchen takes up to five hours to make. They come in three breeds: Labrador (Earl Gray-flavored), pug (for the chocolate fans) and shar-pei (peanut). Each pupsicle goes for between 100-188 Taiwanese dollars; that’s roughly $3.50 to $6 in the States, per FOX News.

The pug is chocolate-flavored. We’re not sure that helps!

The dogs are made via a mold with a recipe that creates a fur-like texture once frozen. When the treats reach optimum temperatures, staffers put on the finishing touches that make them so life-like.

Social media exposure has sent folks to the shop in droves and now they’re having trouble keeping up with demand; they can only make about 100 each day.

Many videos showcase the “dog” being eaten and, while funny, it’ admittedly disturbing!

A customer at the cafe told Asia One, “It really feels like a real dog is looking at you.” Another person said, “I feel like cutting into him will hurt him, I feel sorry for him.”

We’d do it for journalism, but we might have to close our eyes!