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House (Rescue) Party! Dog stuck beneath home for 30 hours finally freed

by Amy Drew

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Luna is safe and sound now, but not before giving her family — and really the whole dog-loving community — quite the scare this week.

A rabbit is what her family theorizes caught the 8-year-old Jack Russell terrier’s interest, sending her into chase mode and before she could help herself, she’d gotten herself stuck beneath the family’s home in Centennial, a town not far from Denver, CO.

Before long, she could be heard barking for help.

Firefighters arrived on scene after being called by Luna’s owner, Anne Timmerman, and three differenct agencies worked collaboratively and energetically to save her. The process took some 30 long hours.

That is when fire crews were called in to help, working for hours just to rescue Luna.

Once Luna’s rescuers realized this was going to be a more arduous task than initially believed, the technical rescue team from South Fire Metro arrived with gear in tow. They cut open the Timmermans’ deck, then deeper, through a concrete slab beneath the home.

By day’s end, the whole neighborhood it seemed — friends, family, neighbors, animal control and even strangers — were arriving in droves to see if they could offer assistance.

Six hours into the rescue, the little dog popped her head out, eliciting cheers from the crowd!

The Timmermans are very grateful to everyone for their help in freeing Luna, who seemed to be fine, but was taken to the vet clinic anyway – just to be safe!