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Dog Shocks Firefighters when She Arises from Smoldering Wreckage Completely Unscathed

by Melanie

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11.30.12 Ashes
Family members rejoice at being reunited with the dog they feared dead

Pat Boone has been a firefighter for almost 10 years, and never before witnessed something as shocking and heartwarming as what recently unfolded in Jonesborough, Tennessee.

It’s not uncommon for firefighters to break down a door and rescue pets trapped in house fires, but Boone says what happened to a little dog named Abigail is a miracle.  He was working on putting out a home ravaged by fire.  Little was left but bricks and ashes.  The family feared the worst – their beloved dog had perished in the blaze.  But then, the inconceivable – Abigail walked out from cinders and rubble – unharmed.

“Next thing I know there’s a little dog coming out from the floor space.  I reached in and grabbed her — and pulled her through the hole,” Boone said.  “You never see a house that has fully burned to the ground… and 90 percent of the home is gone.  I mean it’s up in smoke –and something lived.”

Not knowing her name, the firefighters nicknamed her Miracle.

After emerging from under a floorboard, Abigail the miracle dog was taken to an animal hospital.

“We’re trying to help them along the lines – taking care of something that’s just as important as part of their family is… We are the other family doctor in a sense,” said Jonesborough Animal Hospital Veterinary Technician James Chatman.

An anonymous donor is paying for Abigail’s vaccinations.

“While we’re doing an interview… People actually came in and wanted to help out.  It’s just amazing people and the dog bond, the animal bond, especially in a time of need,” Boone said.

The Leford family has lost all of their possessions, but are thankful to still have the most prized of them all.

“We cried,” said one member of the family.  “Houses can be replaced, clothes can be replaced, [but] family and animals can’t.

Boone will be monitoring Abigail for the next several weeks until she is ready to be with her family again.

“When you think it’s not possible, or maybe nothing else is in that house or it’s impossible – you just never know.  Miracles do happen,” Boone said.