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Dog Shot and Buried Alive Makes Miraculous Recovery


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Riddled with gunshot wounds and buried alive, a dog left for dead is making a triumphant recovery while authorities search for her abuser.

Officials with Malta’s Animal Welfare Department are asking for help from the public as they seek any information leading to the arrest of individuals responsible for the abuse of Star, discovered with just her snout visible above ground in a makeshift grave near Ghar Hasan in Birzebbuga. They say the dog is a living, breathing miracle.

Rescued by incredulous animal welfare officers after an anonymous tip yesterday afternoon, Star was found with her limbs and snout bound by twine. Officials noted a substantial wound on her head,  and said that surgery was required to remove more than 40 gunshot pellets from the wound.

Authorities said Star was discovered only after the terrified dog drew attention to herself by whimpering as she struggled for air. Now that she’s safe in the care of vets they say her personality makes it even harder to grasp how someone could have wanted to inflict harm on her.

star dog shot and buried alive survives2

In a public statement, the Animal Welfare Department described Star as a warm, loving, and very grateful dog.

“Star, (that’s the name which she deserves!) showed what a courageous caring, sweet, loving companion she is. She immediately allowed all the Animal Welfare staff to cuddle her and she even managed to wag her tail as if wanting to thank everyone! Star is living it up to her name already and is doing her very utmost to make it through this heartbreaking situation…Even though Star witnessed and lived all this cruelty from a human being she never even spared us a menacing look or a growl – she just looked at us in gratitude!!!!!”

Anyone with information regarding the case is asked to contact Animal Welfare Offices at 25904132 / 25904113 or via email:  [email protected]