In Harmony With Nature: A Haven for Wolf-Dogs in Florida

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Unwanted wolf hybrids are a growing concern in Florida.

Kim Kapes, director of In Harmony With Nature, says that her goal is to “find them a suitable home, however long that takes.” She has dedicated her days to caring for wolf-dogs, and while she has tremendous respect for them, she’ll be the first to tell you that they are not ideal pets.

“People really think it’s cool to have a wolf-dog,” she said. “I love them, I want to help them, they’re here. But you really need to know and understand what you’re getting into.”

Kapes has seen her pack grow considerably after authorities shut down a shelter in Port Lucie, leaving her with another 17 dogs to care for. In Harmony With Nature strives to find homes for each and every dog, but for those truly unwanted cases, Kapes says she’s prepared to offer them a lifetime of love and care.

“If an animal is not adoptable, then our goal is to give them the best care for the rest of their life,” she said.

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36 thoughts on “In Harmony With Nature: A Haven for Wolf-Dogs in Florida”

  1. as if we don’t have enough unwanted dogs, breeders have to now breed wolf hybrids, so sad…on the up note, she is doing an excellent job at helping and educating people on them

  2. I grew up with a wolf (99% Eastern timber wolf) as a brother, and though he was awesome, and I loved him, I have one thing to say to most of the folks out there who want one: Just say no. lol… Amazing animals. But sooo not a dog! 😀

  3. We rescued one many years ago. She was fine with us but I am convincd she knew she wasn’t the same as the others and felt out of place.

  4. I used to volunteer with a wonderul wolf sanctuary in CO and it was an amazing experience. We also did a lot of community education, which is so important as usual. Especially for those who think that they are “just dogs.”

  5. We agree. These animals are NOT dogs. We have a German shepherd/wolf hybrid that was given to us as a puppy. We had no idea what we were getting into. We have had to go to great lengths to provide the environment and guidance he requires, while assuming the challenges and responsibilities that go along with him being a part of our lives. He is a remarkable “soul” but he is not a dog. If you are not trained and educated to take on such a challenge, and are unwilling to devote 10 years or more to the task, don’t do it!


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