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Dog Shows Ultimate Faith in His Human by Learning to Trust Fall

by Fred

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A “trust fall” isn’t something new, however we’ve not seen many dogs learn how to do it.  For those that don’t know, the video gives a pretty good explanation, but in a nutshell, you demonstrate your trust in someone by letting them stand behind you while you fall backwards, the idea being they’re supposed to catch you.  So this must mean Watson REALLY trusts his human.

You can see in the video, where most other humans might start getting nervous, Watson is all about it.  He really seems to enjoy this little game he learned how to play, and the evidence is as plain as the smile on his face.

It must have taken some time to train him to be able to do it.  At this point, all his human has to do is say, “trust fall!” and he practically flops over with glee.  How about you?  Have you trained your dog to do anything unique?  Share with us in the comments below, or on our Facebook page.  And make sure you check out Watson on Instagram!  You can get there by clicking here.


7.20.16 - WatsonFeat