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Dog Spends 36 Hours Trapped in Small Cavity and Survives

by Katherine

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After spending 36 hours trapped upside down in a small gap between a home and a soil mix wall, firefighters pulled a live dog from his constricting cell. No one expected the dog to survive, and right before the rescue many believed the pet was already dead, but to their surprise and relief the pooch was alive.

Photo credit: YouTube
Photo credit: YouTube

The dog was walking in the Las Gaviotas neighborhood of Bogota, Colombia, when he lost his footing and fell down the thin cavity no wider than 8 in. Somehow as he fell, the dog landed on his back and rested on a shallow pool of water. Neighbors heard dog’s cries and for hours attempted to rescue the pet, but their attempts failed. When the dog stopped making sounds, they feared the worse.

A day and a half passed before local firefighters were called to help. Rescuers arrived on Nov. 27, 2015, thinking there wasn’t much they could do to retrieve the “dead” animal, but once they evaluated situation, they discovered the four-legged victim was still alive. Immediately, rescuers worked to save the pet’s life.

The rescued dog. Photo credit: Las 2 Orillas
The rescued dog. Photo credit: Las 2 Orillas

With the homeowner’s permission, firefighters broke through the inside of the home’s wall to reach the dog. The dog’s legs were tied for safety reasons and rescuers worked slowly, moving and wiggling the dog out of the restricting space.

From above, the dog appeared to be small in size, but once he was rescued everyone learned the pet was rather a medium to large breed dog.

Incredible, the dog seemed unharmed. He was hungry and a bit sore, but over all in good health. Right after his rescue, the dog stood on his own and shook off his bad luck. Hero firefighters Juan Carillo, Jhon Hernández, Julio Ávila, Fabio Rojas and Carlos Cuervo were glad to see dog walking all on his own.

You’re one lucky dog.

Watch his rescue video.