There’s Hope for Malnourished Dog Found Tied in Farmland

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A starved mixed breed dog found tied and abandoned in a farm located in El Santuario, Colombia, is lucky to be alive today, this, thanks to neighbors who spotted the dog. Authorities were called and police rushed to rescue the pet.

Photo credit: @MiOriente/Twitter
Photo credit: @MiOriente/Twitter

Local veterinarians are saying it is a miracle the dog is still alive. It is unknown how long the pet had been abandoned there but he had no shelter, food or water. No one knows how the dog survived, yet when found, the gentle dog had enough will to live and was standing on his own. Veterinarians say the pet was close to dying but are hopeful the dog will make a full recovery.

Officers taking the dog to a local shelter. Photo credit: @MiOriente/Twitter
Officers taking the dog to a local shelter. Photo credit: @MiOriente/Twitter

This is not the first dog found abandoned in the same area. Just a day earlier, authorities found a female pit bull stuffed in a sack (graphic video). This dog who was also alive when found, but unlike the mixed breed pet, the female dog couldn’t move and was covered with fleas. Unfortunately, it was too late to save the Pit bull, and hours later the dog died.

The owners of the surviving dog have been identified and charged with animal abuse. They are expected to pay a fine but it is unknown if any other punishment will be handed to them.

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  1. …karma to every single piece of garbage on this planet that abuses animals…may your life here on earth be filled with as much as you gave them and when you meet your maker, may you face an eternity of the same…


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