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Dog Spends Nine Years Mourning His Master

by Katherine

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A faithful dog named Collie, spent nine years living in an Argentinean cemetery, right by his beloved and buried master. After mourning his human for so long, the dog has finally parted the physical world and joined his owner in the afterlife.

The loyal dog was widely known in La Piedad, Rosario (Argentina), because since his owner’s death, the pet refused to abandon the cemetery.



Collie wasn’t specifically cared for by anyone. Locals would see the dog come and go, scavenging for food and water during all these years, yet the loyal pet would spent every night and the majority of the days sleeping right beside his master.

According to, an animal rescue group picked up the four-legged friend a day before his death. People reported the dog had been howling from pain.

He was seen by veterinarian Federico Bobino who stated the canine suffered from dehydration and renal failure.

“He is in really bad condition,” said Bobino.

Collie received the best medical care available but unfortunately the organ damage he suffered was irreparable and he passed away the following day.

The mournful dog was rescued on various occasion by concerned animal lovers, including family members of his deceased owner, but the canine always escaped and returned to his daily vigil at the cemetery. It is estimated the dog was between 12 and 14 years of age.

His remains were cremated and the ashes were scattered on top his human’s grave.