Dog Lost for Two Years Recently Found in Abandoned Home

by Katherine

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On April 27, 2015, Guardians of Rescue Facebook fans learned about “Bambi,” a dog rescuers saved from dying out of starvation in abandoned Long Island home. What rescuers didn’t know was that the dog they dubbed Bambi had a loving owner, and that owner had been searching for her pet for two years.

Bambi turns out to be Jessie.
Bambi turns out to be Jessie.


Lauren Bates lived in East Hampton, N.Y, with her dog Jessie two years ago. Unfortunately, Jessie got lost and months later Bates relocated to Texas. Heartbroken, the pet owner left the East coast state without her pet and hoped to one day reunite with her fur-baby.

This week, Bates couldn’t sleep and was checking Facebook when she stumbled upon the organization’s rescue video of Bambi. The pet owner immediately recognized her dog and got in touched with Guardians of Rescue.

Watch Bambi’s rescue video.

Because Bambi had a microchip, rescuers were able to confirm Bate’s ownership of the dog. Now Bambi, whose real name is Jessie, is getting ready to travel to Texas next week and reunite with her human who has never stopped loving or looking for her.

We are so sorry Jessie had to spent two years with people who didn’t love her, and who in the end abandoned her in that Long Island home. However, we are so happy to know Jessie will soon go back to the arms of her true owner.