Dog Survives Two Weeks Trapped Under Concrete Slab

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Rebecca Felix from Derby, Kansas, was devastated when her beloved Dachshund named Lucy went missing at the beginning of April, but after two weeks, the pet was found trapped underneath a concrete slab.

Felix was out of town in Dallas, Texas, when her husband Michael called to tell her that their pet had gone missing. The woman returned home about a week later and joined her husband in the search for their dog.


Fliers were posted throughout the neighborhood, shelters were visited and the couple spent hours driving around town calling out Lucy’s name, but after two weeks and no signs of their pet, the Felix family started to believe Lucy would never be found.

Two weeks after the dog went missing, Michael went back to an area they had already searched an by pure luck he heard a faint whine. The pet owner walked over to a concrete path and called Lucy’s name and the dog barked back. Lucy dug underneath the concrete slab, tunneled back five feet, and got stuck underneath. No one knows how, but the dog miraculously survived without food or water trapped underneath the concrete slab.

The Felixes immediately called firefighters and a rescue unit was dispatched to extract the pet from underneath the ground. Once Lucy was free she was rushed to a veterinarian. The dog was weak and suffered scratches and bruises, but the pet is expected to make a full recover.

“I know it is a gift. God gave her back to me,” said Rebecca Felix. “It is a miracle.”