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Dog Stays by Side of Missing Woman with Alzheimer’s


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duchessWhen a North Carolina woman who suffers from Alzheimer’s went missing for 17 hours earlier this week her loyal dog Duchess never left her side.

Tuesday afternoon Dottie Schnabel took her Doberman Duchess for a walk like she does every day. For the first time ever though they didn’t return. Her husband Dick Schnabel called 911 and authorities and neighbors were soon searching everywhere for the missing woman and her dog.

They searched all evening with no signs of Dottie or Duchess. Finally the next morning a helicopter spotted Dottie in a wheat field near the woods behind her home with Duchess right by her side. Duchess continued to try to stay by Dottie’s side. When Dottie was put in an ambulance Duchess tried to get in too and go with her. Duchess always keeps a close eye on Dottie according to Dick.

“She just keeps an eye on my wife constantly,” said Dick. “I don’t know when that dog ever sleeps.”

Considering she had been lost and disoriented for hours Dottie was doing surprisingly well, having Duchess by her side the whole time had kept her relaxed and comforted. Dottie had a few cuts and mosquito bites, but was otherwise doing well.