Bear the Police Dog Leaves Animal Hospital

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Photo Credit: Ryan Sutton/Bloomberg
Photo Credit: Ryan Sutton/Bloomberg

A New York City police dog that heroically broke up a subway fight last week was honored while leaving the animal hospital Wednesday. An honor guard of police officers and police dogs lined up and welcomed Bear back to the force.

Last Tuesday morning Bear and his handler, Officer Vincent Tieniber, came to the aid of another officer who was attempting to break up a fight between four women on a subway platform.

“Ninety-nine percent of the time, when we come to the scene, people cooperate,” said Tieniber. “No one really wants to be bit by a dog.”

Unfortunately one of the women was extremely uncooperative. In the scuffle Bear was kicked in the mouth as she resisted arrest. Bear did not let this stop him from getting the job done. When the women kicked at Bear a second time he clamped down on her foot until she was handcuffed.

The ordeal left Bear with several broken teeth, a cut up tongue and a swollen snout. On Wednesday he was able to leave the animal hospital and when he did he was greeted by his fellow NYPD K-9 officers. Bear will require a few more weeks of rest and treatment, but will make a full recovery and return to work once he is recovered.

The woman responsible for kicking Bear is facing several charges, including injuring a police animal.

2 thoughts on “Bear the Police Dog Leaves Animal Hospital”

  1. Way to go Bear!!! Shouldn’t it be assault on a police officer? Something tells me that the charge they have brought against this woman doesn’t carry too bad of a sentence.

  2. Sorry, I think the charges should have been more extreme. She should face multiple years in jail. These dogs are police officers. If that happened to a human charges would have been more sever. Bear you are fantastic and did you job. I am sorry there are such sick people in this world. She is lucky you didn’t do more damage. I hope you recovery goes well and thank you so much for your service. Hugs babe.


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