Dog Stuck on Frozen Pond Gets Air Boat Rescue

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Dog Rescue at Deer Creek ReservoirThe Utah County Sheriff’s Office was asked to assist DNR in Wasatch County in rescuing a Dog on Deer Creek Reservoir that had been stuck on the ice since Monday (5 days). Hats off to volunteer Toby Norton for making the perfect grab. We love our volunteers with Utah County Search and Rescue! (and our Air Boat ha ha) Dog is doing great!!! Please visit our Facebook page for more video and photos.

Posted by Utah County Sheriff’s Office on Friday, March 4, 2016







A dog called Sadie from Charleston, Utah was being dog-sat by her human’s cousin when she decided to escape and have an adventure.  Unfortunately for her, what started out as a bit of an unsupervised walk ended up finding Sadie stuck on an icy pond.  The poor dog got stuck in the partially frozen waters of the Deer Creek Reservoir, and waited five days to be rescued.

At first, Charelle Meriweather thought that someone let her dog out of her cousin’s yard on purpose.  However, it didn’t take too long to figure out where Sadie had gotten off to.  Meriweather’s brother tried going out onto the partly frozen water to attempt a rescue, but just couldn’t get out there.  The canoe that he was using wasn’t enough to break through the ice, and wasn’t able to get close enough to the dog to grab her without putting her in danger by breaking up the ice she was standing on.


3.8.16 - Sadie4


Not wanting to continue to endanger himself or Sadie, Meriweather’s brother stopped his efforts, and called in the professionals.  State park officers came with cold weather rescue gear and their own canoe, but try as they might, they couldn’t get near enough to the dog, and Sadie wasn’t able to do anything to help.  Rescue teams tried for two-and-a-half days to get to her, but nothing was working.

Rescue teams then called in the heavy duty equipment.  The Utah County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue team brought in an airboat, and pulled off a sweet move for a clean rescue. Sadie had fallen through finally, and they brought the airboat right up next to her and pulled her right out of the water.


3.8.16 - Sadie3


“Many people have asked why it took five days to rescue the dog,” the Utah County Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook post.  “When an animal is in a situation like this it can get very confused and afraid. Efforts were made to catch, or rescue, the dog prior to the time in the video where it was finally picked up.  In these kinds of circumstances, a dog will often run from even the owners with whom it is most familiar.”

Sadie is now safely back at home, and Meriweather is very happy that things didn’t get any worse.  “I keep checking on her every five minutes to make sure she’s still there.  I am just glad to have her back,” she said.


3.8.16 - Sadie2