Dog Survives Being Hit by Three Trains

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chewieChewie is one lucky and tough dog. When Chewie escaped from the electric fence surrounding his Utah home on Thursday he survived being hit by three different trains.

Chewie ran through his electric fence on Thursday and made his way toward the railroad tracks. A UTA worker spotted Chewie just as he was hit by the first train and then clipped by a second train. The worker desperately tried to radio a third train to stop, but it was too late. The third train hit Chewie and the worker ran toward the tracks picked up the severely injured dog and drove him to the animal shelter.

Chewie was brought to the Salt Lake County Animal Shelter. Staff there stayed after hours to help heal Chewie. They also contacted Chewie’s owner, David Babcock, using Chewie’s tags and microchip. When Babcock heard his dog Chewie had been run over by three different trains he expected the worst.

“I assumed he died,” said Babcock. “I felt guilty for not keeping him indoors.” Chewie surprised Babcock and just about everyone else when he not only survived, but got to go home just a few days later.

Chewie suffered a skull fracture and a serious eye injury. There is still a chance he will lose his eye, but he is now home with his thankful family. Babcock is thankful to the UTA worker who came to Chewie’s aid and the staff at Salt Lake county Animal Shelter that stayed after hours to help Chewie.