Dog Survives Being Strapped with Fireworks, Recovering

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7.11.14 - Firework Dog Recovering4

The community of Centerton, Arkansas has banded together to save a small dog who was strapped with fireworks that were then lit.  She was badly burned, but in only a matter of days, over $3,500 was raised to help with her care.  Investigators are currently searching for the perpetrator(s) of this heinous crime.

“You have to have moxie to be in this kind of condition and still be willing to live! This little girl was found yesterday,” the Centerton Animal Shelter said.  “Before the person who found her called the shelter, people in the neighborhood saw her with fireworks strapped to her body. We don’t know what all the scars are, but they are old and healing.”

7.11.14 - Firework Dog Recovering3

Moxy was found with a large bottle rocket duct taped to her back.  She was brought in to the Animal Hospital of Centerton, who determined that she had burns on nearly 30 percent of her small body.  She was also emaciated and very dehydrated.  Understandably, she is hesitant to trust people.

“The biggest thing is that she finally has decided we’re not trying to kill her,” veterinarian Vava Hooper said.

She is on an IV, but is beginning to eat and drink on her own.

“Burn wounds are one of the worst for healing,” Hooper explained.  “Just because you lose so much fluid through those skin wound. Um, people don’t think about that – that’s part of what keeps you hydrated.”

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She is in need of a foster home in the area so she can continue her medical treatment with the same team.  If you would like to foster her or give her a permanent home, please call the shelter at 479-795-0078.

A gofundme page was set up to help with Moxy’s care, and before long the $1,000 goal was met and exceeded.  For updates on her progress, click here.

Anyone with information on who may have tortured Moxy, please call 479-795-4431.

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