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Dog Survives Being Swept Away by River

by Melanie

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6.20.13 Dog Swept Away
Jordan Tibbet and JD after their reunion.


A dog is lucky to be alive after a harrowing incident a couple weeks ago.

A black Lab named JD ventured into the Sandy River in Oregon while his boy, Jordan Tibbet, and the boy’s father were fishing. A strong current suddenly pulled the six-year-old dog away and down the river.

The boy’s father called in a rescue team to save their dog, who might have succumbed to the rushing rapids.

JD eventually was able to pull himself to safety before being overtaken by the waves, but was stranded on a ledge for several hours. The ledge is about 20 feet above the river.

The rescue team came and they had to rappel down to go find him,” Jordan explained. “And they found him!”

It took two hours, but JD was hoisted up by Clackamas County rescue crews and returned to his anxious family. He was exhausted and weakened by the ordeal, but is otherwise ok.