Dog Survives Falling from Cliff in Washington

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9.29.15 - cliff1

A man from Mill Creek, Washington was hiking with his dog near North Bend.  Tragically, the man crossed into a part of the park that was closed off, and ended falling to his death.  The dog fell also, but was found alive.

James Huring was walking on Twin Falls trail in Olallie State Park.  The main trail had been previously washed out, which is why the area was closed off.

A statement from King County Sheriff’s Office said witnesses reported seeing Huring walk by a clearly marked sign, noting the trail was closed.  Not long after, they remember hearing the dog yelping loudly.

After following all of the commotion, they finally came upon the scene.  The man had fallen and had died, and the dog was stuck halfway up the cliff.

Emergency services went in to recover Huring and rescue the dog.  Te dog was rescued without incident, and was reported as unharmed by the ordeal.

9.29.15 - cliff2

17 thoughts on “Dog Survives Falling from Cliff in Washington”

  1. This message is not intended for Lucy or jin. You people make me sick with your negativity and total disregard for humanity! If you were the one to stumble upon this tragedy and figure out something was horribly wrong such as I did that day than I only hope you would have a shread of decency to learn what compassion is about! You don’t even understand what the scene was like nor what the area looks like because I can tell you’ve never been there. Shame on you and your speculations!! I’ll have you know the dog was completely unharmed since that is all seem to care about. Never mind someone lost his life! U want to be mad at someone over this! be mad at the people who run this park and allow a trail with hundreds of people visiting on any given day with a half washed trail to remain open and in this condition for the last year n a half! And how does it make you feel when I tell you this trail will remain in this condition with kids running all up and down the hill sides all around their parents for at least another 6 months! U want to make a difference than be proactive and help get this park closed or fixed! Or is it that you do not have any since of humanity left? Do your research before u spout such offending comments to the world!! Disgusting people! Shame!!
    If your related to the departed and stumble upon this post please contact the reporting police agency to get in contact with me if you would like some answers as to what happened. Thank you. And I’m so sorry for your loss. The dog was so amazing, loyal, and the only link to us figuring out and finding your loved one had fallen. I’m so thankful his dog was unharmed and there to lead us to where we needed to go. Know your loved one was in a beautiful place with his best friend upon his departure and we truly did everything possible but I only wish we could have done more. May your loved one rest in eternal peace.

    • This message was not intended for most of the commenters. You know who you are. Thank you for your kind words. We’ve never experienced anything quite this traumatic and it quite nice to know many people in the world are compassionate. But I’m sorry, people like Susan makes me sick to my stomach!!


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