Dog Survives Fire and Overcomes Brain Damage

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The following is a narrative by Life With Dogs fan Laura Ooms.

10.25.13 - Dog Survives Fire; Brain Damaged1

On August 3rd, my husband and I came home to a house fire.  When we opened the door, we could not get in because the smoke was too heavy.  Our two beloved dogs were trapped.  We lost our dog Charlie to smoke inhalation.  Tela was pulled out of the house, completely unresponsive.  The fire department had life saving pet resuscitation kits on their truck and were able to get her breathing.  A local sheriff who was at the scene rushed Tela and myself to the vet, where she remained overnight in an oxygen chamber. 

Tela survived the night, but as the days progressed we noticed she was not behaving normally and saw a neurologist.  Unfortunately, Tela suffered some serious brain damage due to lack of oxygen and carbon monoxide poisoning.  She could not hear or see, her legs crossed and rolled over when she walked, and she lost the ability to use her tongue.  We fed her baby food through a syringe for several days to sustain her. 

10.25.13 - Dog Survives Fire; Brain Damaged

Slowly, Tela started to improve.  She began eating on her own and straightened her legs out while she was walking.  Soon after, she regained her sense of hearing.  Since then, the progress has not stopped! Tela only suffers from blindness, but other than that, she is a happy and healthy dog.  She is gaining confidence each day and is adjusting very well to being blind.

I want to share Tela’s story as she has survived and recovered from some very extensive brain damage and would like to give hope to other families whose pets have suffered brain trauma.  I could not find a lot of success stories, and the only thing that can heal brain damage is time.  Also as a thank you to the firemen, who fortunately for us, had the pet equipment on their truck.




3 thoughts on “Dog Survives Fire and Overcomes Brain Damage”

  1. God Bless your dog and you! Many might have given up or done what a vet might have suggested.

    Through love, hopefully Tela will get better and learn to naviagate without her eyesight. I am sure with your love and guidance, she will.

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss. I know it all too well. Your story is so inspirational and seems to mimic what has happened to my dog, Nigel these past two days. Thank-you for sharing. My home went up in flames yesterday and my dog was found by a fireman after the fire was extinguished. He spent the night in an oxygen chamber and has seen a neurologist. He cannot bear weight on his legs and has a tendency to roll when placed upright. This being said, he has made ample recovery in the past 24 hours. Tela’s story leads me to believe that I will get most of my dog back. Thank-you so very much for sharing.


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