Dog Swept Away By Typhoon Returns Safely to Owner One Year Later

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12.1.14 - Dog Swept Away By Typhoon Returns Safely to Owner One Year Later

Bunny and her human mom Ailyn Metran are from the Philippines.  Last year, when Super Typhoon Haiyan struck the island nation with such ferocity, Bunny was lost in the chaos.  Now, after one year apart, Ailyn and Bunny have been reunited.

Ailyn says she never gave up hope for Bunny.

“I never lost hope. God saved Bunny from the storm surge, so why would he let her die afterwards,” Ailyn said to news outlets.

Ailyn and her husband actually came across this missing family member while in the central city of Tacloban last month.  Bunny was in rough shape, and was rooting through a garbage bin when they found her.  She was very malnourished, but alive, and very happy to see her human family again.

“We saw a dirty stray dog that looked like her. I called out her name and she came, asking to be cradled,” said Ailyn.  She says that her family fled their Tacloban home ahead of the storm, but were forced to leave three dogs behind.  Two of the dogs didn’t make it through the storm, but somehow, Bunny did.

About two days after the storm had subsided, Ailyn and her husband returned to what was left of their home.  They found Bunny there, alive.  Unfortunately, they were forced out again by the upheaval that quickly followed in the storm’s wake.

“For many victims who have lost nearly everything, their pets are important because they represent a semblance of their previous lives,” said Anna Cabrera. She’s the executive director of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society.

84 thoughts on “Dog Swept Away By Typhoon Returns Safely to Owner One Year Later”

  1. Great that the dog found his owners but why the hell would anyone leave their pets behind??? There’s no way I would!

  2. Stop talking bullshit – “I would never leave our animals behind” or “They don’t deserve the dog they left alone”. When it is your life that is threatened by force majeure or something else I want to see the decision you will make… Don’t be prejudging if you never have experienced something like this. Even in our well developed countries it is sometimes forbidden to take your animals with you when you’re rescued. Just be happy for this family and be thankful for your life – there are people that lost so much so let them be happy for finding their family member again!

  3. To all who were asking why she left her dog… Are you aware of what happend here in the philippines when typhoon haiyan struck? All were devastated! Almost 7000 people were dead.. Luckily for this dog and her human that they were just departed from each other and they survived and now reunited together.. Dont judge unless you people know the facts.. That wasnthe strongest typhoon in human history and would consider this thing as miracle for they were given a second chance so dont act as if the lady is irresponsible that she left her dog during the calamity


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