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Dog that Went Missing on Vacation on Her Way Home


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luckyAn Oklahoma couple was devastated when their dog went missing while on vacation in Santa Fe, New Mexico two weeks ago. On Monday the reunion they hoped for came true.

Amanda Lawler, her husband Travis and their dog Lucky were on vacation in Santa Fe when Lucky disappeared. No one knows if she was stolen or somehow jumped over the fence, but as soon as they realized she was gone the Lawlers did everything they could think of to get him back.

They even hired a private investigator to help track Lucky down. The spent the rest of their vacation posting flyers and searching all over Santa Fe for Lucky. They were heartbroken when they had to return home to Oklahoma without her. Once back home they couldn’t stop thinking about Lucky.

“Saturday night we were at dinner and I just started crying,” said Amanda. “I said, ‘Travis,’ – my husband – ‘I don’t know what else to do. We’ve done everything.”

Then over the weekend a man found Lucky. He saw one of the many flyers that had been posted and contacted the private investigator. When Lawler heard the news she immediately got in her car and started driving from Oklahoma to Santa Fe to be reunited with Lucky.

“Even driving up here I told my sister, ‘I feel like I’m about to walk down the aisle and get married.’ I’m so excited. I’m so happy,” said Lawler.

On Monday Lawler and Lucky were reunited and happy to be heading home together.