Dog Thief Caught on Camera

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A Marysvile, Washington dog owner is pleading for help after a neighbor’s surveillance cameras captured the theft of her dog.

Update (10-5-11) Takoda is home. According to

Ron Smith says the dog is now back home and the family plans to get her checked out at the vet. “We have her back. She’s laying on carpet sleeping right in front of us right now,” says Ron Smith. “We’re getting ready to take her to the vet shortly to get her checked out.”

Smith says he doesn’t think the the dog was treated very well. “She was quite shaken up, quite scared, literally shaking. She has a big knot on her nose as if she was hit by something, or maybe bit by another dog or something.”

The person(s) responsible for Takoda’s disappearance hired a lawyer, who contacted police to negotiate Takoda’s return. They have not yet been identified.
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In the footage below, a woman is seen pulling Takoda out of the family’s yard last Saturday, and then pushing her into an SUV before speeding off. Colleen Smith says she is haunted by the incident, and has turned the tapes over to the police with the hope that they can identify the dognapper.

The Smiths noticed Takoda missing when they came home Saturday evening. They noticed a piece of their electric fence was broken – the thief dragged Takoda over it in haste. The dog can be seen howling in pain when she is dragged into the SUV: because the fence was still functioning the collar kept shocking her until she was out of range.

“It devastates me to think what happened to her and what trauma she may be going through right now,” says Colleen Smith. “She doesn’t know what’s happening.”

The Smiths are understandably devastated by the loss of their pet. If you recognize the person in the video below, or if you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Takoda, please call Marysville police at (360) 363-8300.

13 thoughts on “Dog Thief Caught on Camera”

  1. I hope that the theives get caught and are punished to the maxium. That is so wrong. That poor dog. I know the police should be able to catch them with that good footage. I hope you will keep up us updated on the story.

  2. My heart goes out to the Smith’s. I hope and pray that they catch the thief adn they get their sweet dog back. Everyone pray for them, please!

  3. Hope they catch that fat, old lady and her accomplice. How horrible and devastating…that’s worse than your dog dying, I think. Hope this website keeps us all posted on facebook!

  4. You should look on your local under Pets in your area and near by listings. They are probably trying to sell your dog on CL or other dog selling site. Or if the dog is not neutered, it may be used for breeding to sell puppies on CL Pets. Keep cross posting to all CL Pets listings in your state, in case they are posting on other cities except your city, hoping you don’t see the ad with your dog for sale to make a quick buck.

    Another reason not to have a invisible electric fence. A lot of dogs recently are stolen from yards with invisible electric fences. Invest in a real fence 5+ feet high and lock the gate with a big padlock that will be hard to cut.

    If you rent, put up a fence and just take it down and move it with you when you move. Or put up real wire electric fence that will be hard to go under or over without getting shocked.

    • These people have a six foot wooden privacy fence. The invisible fence was in place (on the wooden fence) to prevent Takoda from digging. The thief unlatched the gate and took her. What a heartbreaking story!

  5. I lived in that area for years and was active in horse rescue. I don’t think this heartbroken dog-mom is going to get any help from Snohomish County authorities in either getting her dog back or prosecuting the thief. As an example in June 2010 in Marysville a horse was deliberately dragged to death behind a horse trailer to which it was tied. The driver was pulling the trailer with a rig with “exempt” plates meaning it was a County or city vehicle likely meaning therefore the driver was a government employee. There was never an official investigation and the whole thing was hushed up, even a local animal sanctuary known for its hard-hitting investigations was stonewalled. As I say based on my past experience Snohomish County does not care about animals and getting anything at all accompished there from starvation/neglect cases, to theft, to cruelty issues, or even shutting down local puppy mills and hoarders – it just does not happen.

    What the video suggests to me is that the thief knew what/when/where – when the owner would be gone, how to get to the dog, etc. The dog’s owner should never have left the dog outside even in a fence (no dog should be left out because of exactly this risk). That means it was planned and the dog’s owner needs to be very smart in assessing who she knows or is acquainted with who might be inclined to do this!

  6. I’m so glad that Takoda made it back home! I hope she heals quickly from her injuries, and that she’s not psychologically traumatized for the rest of her life. Poor girl!


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