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Dog Thrown Down Sewer Gets Rescued

by Katherine

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On May 27, 2014, an innocent mixed breed dog from Sonora, Mexico, was discarded by its owner when the heartless man left his home carrying the pet, walked over to an open sewer hole, and threw the canine down the 19 ft. void.

The animal cruelty was witnessed by a neighbor who regularly feds the dog because its owner does not take proper care of the pet. The kind woman called authorities and local firefighters were dispatched to the scene to rescue the dog.

Photo Credit: Gina Rodriguez
Photo Credit: Gina Rodriguez


Firefighters Roberto Lerma, Victor Ruelas, Cesar Cossio, Jose Pedro Vazquez Vargas and Gerardo Morales quickly worked to save the dog. It took them 45 minutes to hoist the dog to safety, but the canine was rescued after the firemen successfully set up a rope system, and lowered one of the hero rescuers into the sewer to retrieve the pet.

Miraculously, the dog did not suffer any injuries from the fall and is now safe.

As for the owner and animal abuser, police officers went to his home to arrest him and serve justice, unfortunately the man was not home and is yet to be located.