Mama dog fosters three abandoned kittens along with her puppies

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Mary, with her puppies and her foster kittens
Mary, with her puppies and her foster kittens


A beagle mix dog named Mary at the Pickens County Animal Shelter in Jasper, Georgia is very diligent in her duties as a foster mother to three little kittens that were dropped off at the shelter without their mother before their eyes were even opened.

Mary has seven little puppies of her own that she is also caring for, and shelter staff say she probably ended up at the shelter because her owners did not want to deal with a mama dog and a litter of puppies.

Judy Moody, Assistant Director of the Animal Shelter of Pickens County, said there is a nursing Mama cat at the shelter but she is already fostering some kittens, so staff decided to see if Mary would take on the job.

Mary sleeps with the kittens, grooms them, and cannot bear to have the kittens leave her side or, worse yet, be out of her sight.

We see in the wonderful video below that Mary will pick up her kittens and bring them to the back of her little nest, even if they are out being fed their kitten milk by a shelter staffer.

Ms. Moody and the other shelter staffers give the kittens frequent syringe feedings with kitten milk, but Mary’s role is very important, too. “If anything, it’s given the kittens the companionship of the litter, the mother, the warmth,” Ms. Moody explains in the video, taken by Mary Livsey.

“She loves her kittens. I took two of them away [temporarily] and she had a heart attack, poor thing.”

Ms. Moody took Mary and her kittens and puppies home for the weekend to care for them. All will be available for adoption when they are ready.

5 thoughts on “Mama dog fosters three abandoned kittens along with her puppies”

  1. I hope Mary and her “litter ” 🙂 all find great forever homes. Side note: My dog, Molly, is simply fascinated with animal babies. She would sit/lay for HOURS along the fence next to our barn, watching the neighbor’s newborn goats and their mommas. Now that the goats are older, she’s over them. But since a feral cat who took up residence had kittens, Molly has transferred her affections to them. She sits patiently outside the box they call home, watching over the kittens, licking them, gently nudging them. Momma has no problem with Molly, and the kittens accept her as a rather large cat, it seems.


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