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Dog Thrown in Deep Pipe Helps in His Own Rescue

by Katherine

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140326-DogDeepHoleIn Novi Sad, Serbia, someone thought it would be clever to throw a chocolate color, mid-size, gentle dog down a 13 ft. deep pipe. Fortunately, animal lovers discovered the distressed pet and came to his rescue.

The society for the protection of animals (SPANS) in Novi Sad was present in the dog’s rescue and one of the rescuers recorded the successful mission with a camera.

The group planed to use a rope to pull the canine out the deep void, but they were having difficulties tying the rope around the desperate pet. Fortunately, the four-legged friend is very smart and was motivated to be hoisted out of the hole. Instead of waiting for the rope to be tied around him, he firmly bit the rope and helped his hero rescuers bring him out to safety.

SPANS is caring for the pet and trying to find him a forever loving family.