Dog Tied to Tree During Massive Storm Rescued

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Someone left this poor dog tied to a tree in one heck of a storm in Colorado.  The Uploader posted this with the video: “Went to shut my front window because water was coming in when I saw that somebody left this dog tied to a tree. It had been nearly ten minutes since the rain and hail started. Thank goodness my neighbor acted on behalf of this innocent babe. =(“

0 thoughts on “Dog Tied to Tree During Massive Storm Rescued”

  1. Someone needs to find the demented bastard, who did this to this poor innocent, and tie him to a tree in the next, raging storm. Thank you to the blessed negibor who rescued this baby.

  2. A neighbor did that once. Once. I walked around the block to their house and verbally chewed them out for 15 minutes. That dog was never left out again. (I couldn’t get the dog myself, because our yards are separated by a 5. Foot fence)


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