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She Sat in Her Cage, Waiting… But Not Anymore!

by Melanie

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1.4.14 - She Sat in Her Cage, Waiting... But Not Anymore!3


In December we told you about River, the sad, anxious dog who sat in her cage, waiting for someone to take her home, just like millions of other dogs out there.  But now her wait is over – she’s been adopted!

From Angels For Animals: said that River would get so excited to see the people who’d walk by her kennel, standing at the bars, wagging her tail.  But as the months passed, no one wanted to adopt her, and she grew anxious with the disappointment every day brought.



1.4.14 - She Sat in Her Cage, Waiting... But Not Anymore!2


But now the days of waiting are over; on Tuesday she embarked on a much-needed adventure from Ohio to her new home in Montana.  Her new dad, Ken, works with wildlife and will be able to take good care of her, as well as give her plenty of space to run.

Jason Cooke, former board president of Animal Charity Humane Society, began the trip on Tuesday, and is currently in Wyoming.  Ken will be paying for all of the travel expenses.  Though volunteers are overjoyed that River will finally have a home, her leaving is bittersweet.


1.4.14 - She Sat in Her Cage, Waiting... But Not Anymore!


“Safe to say, she’s kind of a special project of mine – finding her a forever home. So I’m feeling good and bad at the same time,” said Allan Miller of Angels for Animals.

To see Jason and River’s journey on Facebook, click here.


1.4.14 - She Sat in Her Cage, Waiting... But Not Anymore!4


River enjoying a romp on a hotel bed in Minnesota – perhaps her first time ever on a bed.