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Dog trapped by fallen tree in Sacramento wind storm


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Firefighters rescued a german short haired pointer in Sacremento after a 50 foot tree fell on a dog kennel, trapping the frightened pup. Two other dogs managed to escape but Emma was left behind to wait for help.  Complicating matters there were downed power lines in the area so Emma’s owners, though desperate to get her out, called for help first.

When fire and rescue crews arrived they also decided to do the sensible thing and wait for the power company to deem the rescue safe, thus protecting both Emma and themselves from potential electrocution.  “Never touch a downed power line or even a cable line … you just never know if there’s electricity traveling through it,” said Captain Scott Pfeifer of the West Sacramento Fire Department.

As soon as they got word that it was safe to go in, they removed some branches and got a collar on Emma who understandably stressed and very happy to be back with her siblings and owners.  The 40 mile per hour winds that swept through the area that day wiped out power to thousands of residents, and the tree that fell also took out the outside patio kitchen of Emma’s owners home, but she was their first concern.

“I was elated, I was so glad she finally got out. Poor thing because she was so scared,” said the homeowner.  As for the firefighters, it was really just another day on the job, “There are times when we have to come out for cats in trees and dogs under  trees,” said Pfeifer.