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Dog Used for Breeding Operation Dumped When No Longer “Useful” Seeks Forever Family

by Fred

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Duke is a nine-year-old purebred Australian shepherd that was rescued by a rescue group out of southeast Georgia.  There’s strong evidence that he used to be owned by a man using him for breeding, but when he got too old, he was dumped outside and totally forgotten.  Now, he’s searching for a family that will LOVE him and not USE him like an object.

Let’s see what Brantley Animal Rescue says about Duke:


Duke is a 9-year-old, pure breed Australian Shepherd.  He was owned by an older man who failed to socialize him well with other pets and probably used him to breed and make money.  After he got older, he left him outside and ceased to care for him.  He was attacked by a wild hog as this is a rural area and he was bitten badly on his rear end.  The man, instead of taking him to a vet, turned him in to a kill shelter as he had already got a new puppy and did not care to take this devoted pet to the vet for care.  The wound was so bad that the shelter said they had never seen a dog survive an attack with a wound that severe.  Duke is healing though.  He has a ways to go, but the wound bed is filling in and scar tissue is forming around the sides.

Duke is probably not the best with small children as he has herding instincts.  For the same reason, he should be an only pet.  However, he is very healthy, outside of the wound, and extremely smart.  He is house trained, leash trained sits on command and shakes.  He loves car rides and LOVES his person.  He deserves someone who can love him and enjoy him for the awesome pet he is.


Our website is and our applications to adopt are on this site.  We are located in SE Georgia.


SUBMIT AN ONLINE APPLICATION TO ADOPT: This goes to the foster parent who can then contact you, answer your questions, set up meet and greets if requested and help you further. If you decide to adopt, he/she can walk you through that process as well.  Thank you for considering a rescued pet!!!



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