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Dog Waits Outside Door of Hospital for Six Days While Owner Had Surgery

by Fred

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Surgery is a scary thing for anyone, dog or human.  When you have to undergo the knife for something, having your best friends and family with you can make all the difference in recovery.  Perhaps that’s why a dog called Maya waited outside of the hospital room her human was in for six days, refusing all efforts to move her.

According to Sandra Iniesta, she began to have stomach pains while traveling with her father, and Maya home from Barcelona.  They pulled into Elda Hospital, where she was admitted to surgery for an emergency appendectomy.  When moved into a room to recover, Maya set up camp in front of her door, and absolutely refused to budge.

MAYA: the dog waiting for his owner at the exit of Hospital de Barcelona for several days

Maya couldn’t be in the room with Sandra, but she could be close.  Or at least that must have been what was going through her mind.  Regardless of what her father tried, Maya was NOT moving.  End of discussion.

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According to Sandra, “She is just doing what she does in Barcelona. Whenever I go inside some place or another, she waits for me at the door.”

Sandra is doing much better.  The doctors and surgeons were able to clear up her medical issues, and she’s expected to have a full recovery.  As for Maya, she’s spent six days out in front of that hospital room door, and we suspect that the ONLY time she will move, is when she sees her Sandra again.  Which will thankfully be very soon.

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