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Dog Walker and Six Dogs Rescued from Ravine

by Katherine

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On Tuesday April 1, 2014, Carol Anderson from the San Francisco area fell down a ravine while on the job and needed to be rescued.

Stock image. Simon Howden/
Stock image. Simon Howden/

Anderson, a 71-year-old woman, was out walking six dogs on a fire road when she slipped and fell 200 feet.

According to Mill Valley Fire Department Battalian Chief Scott Barnes, who spoke with KTVU, the dog walker was able to hold on to her phone and call one of her clients for help.

“I fell down, I don’t know where I’m at,” said Anderson. “I have the dogs. I’m dizzy. I’m nauseous, come help me.”

At the time of the accident, there was a heavy hail storm passing through and rescuers feared Anderson and the dogs will suffer from hypothermia.

What made the rescue more difficult is that the pet handler was disoriented and couldn’t give her exact location, but thanks to modern technology, rescuers pinpointed her cell phone’s signal and were able to rescue her.

When firefighters found her, all six dogs were resting near the woman helping regulate her body temperature. The woman was transferred to an area hospital and all six uninjured pets were returned to their owners.