Dog Walks 500 Miles to Find His Best Friend

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Bucky with his best friend, Mark Wessells.

When Mark Wessells moved to Myrtle Beach in January he couldn’t have dogs at his new home, so he left his beloved three year old black lab, Bucky, behind in Virginia with his dad. Shortly after being left behind, Bucky went missing.

When Wessells found out his best friend had gone missing he was worried he had been stolen. Wessells couldn’t imagine what really happened to Bucky. Bucky walked nearly 500 miles to South Carolina where six months after he had gone missing he was found by a family in Carolina Forest. The family brought him into an animal hospital. Luckily Bucky had a microchip and the hospital was able to scan the chip to find his owner. The hospital called Wessells who was so happy he said, “I thought I was gonna cry.”

Both Bucky and Wessells were happy to be reunited. Wessells stated, “He definitely recognized me instantly. He still remembers some of his old commands and everything. It’s almost like he never left.”

The vet hospital was also very happy, and stressed the importance of having your pet microchipped so happy endings like Bucky’s can happen.

7 thoughts on “Dog Walks 500 Miles to Find His Best Friend”

  1. Are you kidding me, you almost cried but you didn’t? Your dog just walked 500 miles to find you!! You don’t deserve this dog in my opinion.
    What has happened to this dog now?

  2. When will people get that you don’t get a dog and then DITCH IT cause you have to move!? That’s like leaving your child behind cause you have to move. C’mon, Mark. Getting a dog is for a commitment for their life! That’s what Bucky was trying to tell you by walking 500 miles. He committed to you for his life. He risked his life, in fact, to find you. Now, ask yourself? How will you return amount of unquestioning love and loyalty?

    • inquiring minds doooooo want to know Mark! but will say you should be embarrased to have your name tagged to this issue … pretty bad when a dog shows you up on issues of love and loyalty… let me guess no girlfriend..

  3. If you’re going to move, FIRST find a place where you can have your pet(s). You don’t leave family members behind. Not ever.

  4. I think this whole thing sounds fishy anyways and agree with all the comments above.

    I think the word “beloved” should have been left out of the article completely!

    What a jerk! I feel so bad for Bucky.

  5. Poor Bucky!! He obviously was more loving and a far better friend to Mark than Mark knew how to be; it’s pretty bad being shown up by your dog. How do you leave your “child” behind?


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