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Dog Walks out of Woods Five Days After Car Crash

by Katherine

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On March 23, 2015, the Love family, from Banks County, Ga., was traveling on Interstate 85 with Georgia, their son’s 14-month-old German Shepherd. A drunk driver hit their forcing it to roll over multiple times. Fortunately Mr. and Mrs. Love walked away from the accident unharmed, but Georgia got spooked and ran away from the scene. Five days after the accident, and after dozens of volunteers stepped up to help search for Georgia, the pup was found and reunited with her owner.

Reunion! Photo Credit: Help Find Georgia/Facebook
Reunion! Photo Credit: Help Find Georgia/Facebook


As soon as the accident happened, Eric Love, Georgia’s owner, took to social media to ask for help finding his dog. He posted pictures of the pet and asked everyone in the area to keep and eye open for his dog.

Many volunteered to drive around and search, but no one had any luck spotting or finding the dog.

On Saturday, March 28th, Georgia was finally spotted off exit 160. Love rushed to the area to find and reunite with his dog.

Many expected a long chase. Usually when a dog gets lost the pet goes into survival mode, and even though a strong bond exists between the pet and the owner, it takes a lot of coaxing for the dog to come around, trust those trying to help and recognize his or her owner. However, this was not the case with Georgia and Eric.

“She walked right up out of the woods and into my arms,” Love told Fox 5 News.

Five days apart seemed like an eternity for Eric, but in just one second that Saturday morning, Eric’s life and heart became whole again when Georgia walked into her owner’s arms.

Georgia was unharmed and Eric said that “after three cheeseburgers, eight pieces of bacon, and a bag of treats, this little girl is trying not to fall asleep!”

Welcome home Georgia!