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Strangers Come Together to Save One Dog

by Katherine

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Megan Gleason, from St, Louis, Mo., felt powerless for over a year while she watched three-year-old Sammie (short for Samantha), live semi forgotten and alone in an backyard. Authorities couldn’t remove the pet because the pet owner legally met all minimum conditions for pet ownership, but Gleason knew the life Sammie had was a life no pet deserves. Thanks to an app, one post, and the willingness of strangers to work together, Sammie was rescued from her miserable life.



The young Boxer spend every single day in the yard. It didn’t matter how cold it was during winter or how hot it got during the summer, all Sammie new was loneliness and the only friends she had were her old plastic dog house and her water bowl.

“She was left in a pen and her water would be frozen in the winter she also had limited access to shelter and in the summer she was in the heat,” Gleason told Fox News.



The determined woman contacted the local police, The Humane Society of Missouri and Stray Rescue, but not one organization was able to remove the dog from the property.

Unwilling to give up, Gleason turn to Next Door app and asked neighbors for advice. Within hours of posting about Sammie, Gleason received hundreds of suggestions on how to work with the pet owner and get Sammie the rescue she desperately needed.

It took just a week to get the pet owner to release the dog to a rescue organization. Gleason says Sammie’s rescue was only possible thanks to the strangers that bonded on Next Door. They were the ones that gave her the tools for a successful rescue.

The once forgotten Boxer is now under the care of Needy Paws. She is currently in a foster home enjoying her new life. Samantha hopes the future will bring her a loving family that will never toss her in a back yard and force her to live alone and unprotected from the elements.

If you’re interested in adopting Sammie contact Needy Paws, you can also donate towards Sammie’s medical fund.