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Dog Walks Over 37 Miles to Reunite With Owner

by Katherine

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Hundreds of dogs that were companion pets to many psychiatric patients in Uruguay, South America, were forcefully and humanely removed after staff members from the mental institution located in the Etchepare Colony reported being violently attacked by dogs. However, one dog walked over 37 miles to get back to his owner who he unconditionally loves.

Photo credit: UPA/Facebook
Corbata walking back to reunite with owner. Photo credit: UPA/Facebook


Hospital staff members report that the overabundance of unaltered pets on the facility’s grounds have created a dangerous environment for them as well as the patients. After multiple reports of dog attacks, a judge ruled it illegal for patients to own pets.

All animals were forcefully removed from the location, Fortunately, all pets have been welcomed by animal rescue groups who have offered to find all the pets loving homes.

A mixed breed dog named Corbata (Tie), has always lived in Etchepare with his owner, and after begin removed from the grounds, he escaped from rescuers and walked miles until reuniting with his human. After walking on hot pavement for hours, the dog was tired and his pads were injured, but nevertheless, Corbata was excited to see his owner once again.


Corbata today. Photo credit: UPA/Facebook
Corbata today. Photo credit: UPA/Facebook


The happy reunion only lasted a few hours until rescuers returned to the psychiatric facility to remove the dog once again, but the dog and his owner rejoiced in the additional time they spent together.

This is not the first time dogs were removed from Etchepare: a few years back, more than 60 dogs thought to be dangerous were removed from the grounds, but those considered friendly were allowed to stay. This time however, Etchepare has been declared a pet-free area and animals are no longer welcomed. Patients now have to learn to live without their companion pets.


Corbata relaxing in his foster home. Corbata today. Photo credit: UPA/Facebook
Corbata relaxing in his foster home. Corbata today. Photo credit: UPA/Facebook


We are saddened to know that the hearts of many pets and dog owners from Etchepare are now broken, but we are relieved to know that local animal organizations are stepping up to help these animals. The dogs from Etchepare could have easily been euthanized, but instead they are now available for adoption and many have already found loving forever homes.

To learn more about what local organizations are doing to help these pets visit UPA (United for all Animals/Unidos Por los Animales) on Facebook.