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Dog Who Had His Legs Cut Off Getting Help To Walk Again


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fabioFabio gets around the best he can. His back legs are stumps, a painful reminder of horrible abuse he suffered in the past. Now veterinarians in New Orleans are hoping to make things a little easier for Fabio.

Fabio will be flying to New Orleans this week to be examined by Dr. Allison Barca where she hopes to work with a team of specialists to help Fabio live a more comfortable life. Right now Fabio moves around, but it is difficult because his back legs are only stumps. His legs were hacked off just below the joint because someone didn’t want him to jump over a back yard fence.

Fabio has adapted to his situation, and gets around, but Dr. Barca wants to make it easier for him. “Fabio does not need us. Fabio’s making it on his own. We’re just going to try to make it better for him,” said Dr. Barca. “I just think he needs something to help the stumps to feel comfortable as they remodel through life and to keep them protected from hitting the ground.”

Barca will examine Fabio to assess whether the booties will work for him and how they will fit for him. “The two booties are not going to match,” she said. “In other words, you just can’t order a set of boots that are going to strap to his legs. They’re going to have to be altered to fit this little dog individually.”

While Fabio is in New Orleans he will be spending time at Dag’s House, a rehab home for dogs. Many dogs from Dag’s House have gone on to walk in parades in New Orleans, something that one day Fabio will get to do as well.